Motorcycle Power Runs

Motorcycle Power Runs are a good investment; customers often ask why – understandably.

The graph here goes some way to explain the evidence tuning works and what you get for your investment.

This quick comparison of some of the current naked bikes we’ve had recently show the output. Motorcycle Power Runs : comparison of different naked bikes; BMW, Aprilia, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki.

BMW s1000R kawasaki z1000 2016 suzuki gsx s 1000 2016 Aprilia RSV4 Tuono 2014 yamaha mt10

The manufactures seem to promote these bikes as being ‘de-tuned’ versions of the their sports bikes but in reality only the Aprilia is close to the sports bike equivalent, impressive power with stock fuelling and just a slip-on. The BMW is the strongest on paper by a long way but very soft throttle maps leave it feeling underpowered on the road.

Kawasaki most disappointing power but feels a lot stronger than the graph would suggest.

So the most powerful naked bike is…… none of these! The BMW K1300R has far more torque and power than any of these sports bike derived naked bikes..

Of course, rider feel we don’t have a graph for but customer feedback is ..Happy Happy Happy .. we should do a graph for that!

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