Motorcycle MOT


Can I ride the bike into the MOT station if it is out of MOT : YES as long as the MOT is booked for that day and it is insured

When can I book my MOT : 30 days prior to expiry and these 30 days are added to the MOT

Do my lights need to e working to pass an MOT : all nights need to be working UNLESS you require a day tie running Mot in which case lights must be tapped over/removed. NOTE DAY TIME MOT CANT BE USED IN INCLEMENT WEATHER – YOU NEED LIGHTS

DO I need a reflector fitted to the motorcycle : YES it must be fitted at the rear of the motorcycle in line the centre of the number plate. MANDATORY 

If it fails do I pay for a retest : there is no retest fee within a  10 day limit [working days excluding weekends and bank holidays]

What should my number plate content and layout be : The layout must include 1st two letters and numbers on line one, the last 3 letters on the 2nd line. Also whomever makes the number plate must have the makers name and post code on the number plate. Too small or incorrectly laid out numbers plates will be a failure

How much is an MOT £29.65

How do I book an MOT :on line [Pc/Tablet/Android /Iphone] call 01925 444603 or mail us

Either book your bike MOT test online using our 24/7 booking service

How long does an MOT test take – do I wait : An Mot takes 30-40 minutes .You can leave your motorcycle with us or stay and have a brew whilst we carry out the test.

What are your opening hours : We’re open for Motorcycle MOT testing between 09:00 – 17:00 Mon to Fri and 09:00 – 14:00 Sat during the summer months [ Nov to Feb Mon to Fri only]

  • Call or book online 24/7

  • Free Winter headlight checks (Oct-March)