Meet the Team

Come and meet our creative and qualified team ,focused on the best customer experience with a highly professional and experienced , forward thinking team. 5* service rating from our customers.

CEO Tim Spiers

Tim fully qualified engineer and member of IET, rode his first bike at 4 yrs old and was competing by 7. During his military career in the REME , he competed at the highest level as an Enduro rider enjoying great success at a national level. Tim knows pretty much as much as there is to know combustion engines, electronics and how to build a bike from the bottom up.


Sam West [62]  Successful International Road Racer and Bike performance expert

Part of our unique offer is having a top Road Racer, IOM TT medal winning and BSB rider Sam West; He also has a degree on Motorsport specialising in electronics , ECU mapping his forte ..who else would you choose to put your bike in the hands of for this highly technical piece of work?

He has had success at IOM tt, Northwest 200, Ulster GP and Macau GP [top 12 worldwide] ; check out his results, race calendar and blogs :

Results achieved by Sam on customers bikes is regularly posted can on the Website and Facebook on customers bikes from all over the UK [ and some shipped in from overseas].

Want your bike tuned by a top 12 in the world road racer- Hammer and Tongs is the only place you can have that done. No other motorcycle business in the UK has access to such a unique and exclusive set of skills.. and our customers give him a 5* rating!


Simon Walker 

Simon joined the team with excellent IT and mechanical skills which he is building on with new technologies in mind. Also a dyno operator like Sam West , he completes the engineering team focused on customer results and zero defect. He also builds custom bikes and restorations. Next step , ELECTRIC BIKES…road tested by SAMWEST62 !


Kevin Egerton

Kevin is a very experienced motor engineer [ 45 years ] qualified in all MOT classes 1-7. One of the first engineers in the UK to work on fuel injection 1970 – we are still trying to get a photo of his sideburns!

And generally a very nice chap …according to Kev !

Rhys Hughes 





The newest member of the team and qualified level 1-2 in motorcycle engineering. He will continue to train with us under a government backed apprenticeship scheme developing his skills further.

A keen motorcycle rider and “Landy” owner which he has rebuilt himself. A great addition to the team.