Kawasaki Z800 -taking your bike + affordable package = Maximum performance from your bike

As the weather gets better and we all start to get the bikes out its worth thinking about getting your bike running at its best so you get the most enjoyment this summer.

We’ll be doing a few posts during March about bikes that get the best results from basic modifications.

First up is the popular Kawasaki Z800, a great bike as standard but quite restricted in standard form so it really gains from a few basic modifications. The exhaust can be de-catted without having to buy a full system so its a cheap upgrade, adding a silencer (Pipewerx) and a performance filter (K&N) and re-mapping the ECU gives huge gains in low down torque with power increased all the way through the rev range, with the added benefit of a great exhaust note without being too loud! The graph only tells half the story, riding the bike is the real proof of the gains, throttle response is such an improvement and removing the restrictions really livens up the bike in the lower gears.


These mods really improve how the bike rides on the road and makes it a strong rival to the more expensive Z1000, definitely worth doing if you want your Z to be at its best this year.

More examples of what you get for your money to follow : feedback always welcome