Motorcycle Dyno Tuning

We are the leading motorcycle dyno tuning center in the North West and are an authorised Dynojet UK tuning c. Based in Warrington we are ideally located to serve Cheshire, Merseyside and Greater Manchester. We supply and fit Power Commanders , Power Vision and Dynojet kits. We try and price match to internet prices where we can ; the benefit of buying from us is a warranty.

At the forefront of Direct ECU mapping in the UK , our software offering is constantly updating and improving. This is the only business in the UK offering this full array of services at this level of engineering precision as far as we know. How this matches to your bike is..

Woolich suitable for Yamaha ,Suzuki ,Kawasaki , Honda

Rexxer suitable for : Aprillia ,Ducati ,MV Augusta , BMW ,Moto Guzzi ,KTM , Triumph

Your bike not listed, give us a call and we can see whats possible .

  • Fuel injection set-up and custom mapping
  • Carb calibration
  • Race / trackday setup
  • Power runs
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Power Commander III
  • Power Commander V
  • Quick shifters – Dynojet, Translogic and HM.
  • Ignition Modules
  • Harley – Power Vision
  • Dynojet Kits for carbs
  • Tune ECU – Triumph and KTM
  • K&N, Pipercross and BMC air filters

Why Have A Motorcycle Tuned?

Having your bike tuned and set up professionally with custom settings makes a massive difference;
From low down maneuvers through town centres to picking it up hard from a corner. a fluid, smooth power delivery can promote confidence and safer riding. A quicker throttle response mid range will help you to overtake quickly and safely or pull away from your competitors on the track and the extra top end horsepower will keep you ahead.Check Facebook for our customers experience.


In standard guise, bikes are heavily restricted thanks to EU laws and governing bodies who require new motorcycles to conform to emissions, noise and certain power restrictions, therefore minor modifications can emphasize already poor performance areas causing poor acceleration, overheating and an increase in engine wear, these can be tuned out using either piggy back modules such as Power commanders or Bazzaz units which simply plug in between your ECU and the injector bodies. Another alternative is ECU modification where the information is altered permanently, this is a much more invasive procedure and should only be undertaken by a professional ideally on a dyno to prove information and adjustments are correct.

HRC, Yoshimura and Yamaha racing components ECU’s are purpose built to be easily reprogrammed and content files can be saved for easy re-installation of original settings.

Dyno Tuning Prices

Take a look at our Dyno tuning price guide. We can perform all aspects of tuning including racing ECU component mapping and tune ecu programming. Please contact us for further information []