Ducati Scrambler – making it a dream to ride for modest cost

Next up in our series of bikes that benefit from a bit of tuning is the cool little Ducati Scrambler. If you look at the technical aspects it could be said that the bike is a bit outdated but riding one just goes to show how irrelevant this is – they’re great fun to blast around on and plenty fast enough on a twisty road.

As standard the bikes mapping isn’t great, sometimes rich, sometimes lean, never perfect! It doesn’t take a huge amount of work to really sharpen the bike up. This bike has a straight through exhaust fitted, but the before and after gains here show just the gains from the mapping. The numbers are low but the percentage increase is respectably high for such a small financial investment.

ducati scrambler

Riding the bike it feels so keen and responsive compared to the slightly lazy and flat delivery as standard, and makes the bike much punchier low down with a sharper top end and is even more fun to ride!

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